Nevett Ford has earned an international reputation for its service in this complex and important area of law. Director, David Stratton, is one of very few specialists in immigration law in Victoria and is also a registered migration agent. Nevett Ford's reputation for innovation is best exemplified by it becoming one of the first legal firms to become active in advising intending migrants. When acting for migration clients it is important to consider the range of alternatives which may be suitable to their needs. Because we are a full service firm, we are able to offer creative solutions to intending migrants. Decisions about migration are often difficult. Our involvement in this area means that we understand how intending migrants feel, their concerns and fears and their desire to have a smooth transition to Australia. Our services in this area include all aspects of migration including independent applications, family migration, employer nominations, temporary and permanent entry permits, business migration and change of status applications. To read the Migration agents Registration Authority (MARA) Code of Conduct, please, click here


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